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We Believe:

- Students have an innate desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves,

- Music performance groups provide a fantastic opportunity to be that "group" for talented kids,

- Kids in those performing groups gain valuable life skills in discipline, time-management, & teamwork,

- Those kids (& their families) are proud of their hard work & want to represent their group with cool apparel!

Bags & Accessories

Below is the Gear4Us Mega Catalog. If you don't see an item you would like, please contact us.

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How much money do we make off of each sale?
What if we don't want to markup the items?
How much does it cost to setup a Gear4Us store?
How quickly can I have our store open?
We do not have a website, can we still do a store?
We already have our own website - can we integrate or embed your store on our site?
How do make money on this? And how do we collect?
Can we add or remove products?
We don't want the Directors to have to pay for their items. Do you have a solution?